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Costs of standardization

Costs of standardization

With the standardization steps that you take, the uncertainties decrease! After all, market acceptance increases with a new or modified standard product, bottlenecks are removed or prevented and when determining the standardization options, the mutual relationship with IP protection, secrecy and the strategy is also taken into account.

The fact that uncertainties decrease has value for yourself, but also for customers, suppliers, and also for investors. All these parties benefit from clear definitions and requirements laid down in standards. If you comply with the standards and meet the requirements, it gives stakeholders the trust that a product and it quality is good. If the innovative product is better than existing alternatives, you will create extra added value.

The costs for developing a NEN Spec depend on the role and input of the concept holder (and the experts involved) and are between 5,000 and 15,000 euros. The annual costs of a chair in a standards committee differ, but are often in a range between 1,500 – 3,000 euros.

For the funding options for these costs, it is wise to look at all stakeholders for whom your innovation creates added value. NEN is willing to think along with you! Incidentally, one of the possibilities may also be that we refer you to one of our partners or other relevant parties in our network.