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Are you developing an innovative concept yourself or are you actively involved in an innovative development?

In that case, you can go through the steps of the NENnovation funnel, gain knowledge, apply tools, get started yourself and / or ask for support in answering the following questions:

  • Which standards, requirements and rules are relevant? How can I find these?
    • Get started yourself and / or let NEN support you in this1
  • Which existing standards, requirements and rules must your concept comply with? For which aspects / issues / risks can any new or tightened requirements be formulated?
    • Get started yourself and / or let NEN support you in this2
  • Which standardization options result from this analysis? Exert influence via committee participation (and all variants within it), realize a NEN Spec via an accelerated procedure or help realize another standard product?
    • Let NEN support and advise you! Complete the scans of the NENnovation funnel and request an assessment from NEN3
  • Which stakeholders are relevant, what are their interests and how can contact be established?
    • Carrying out a stakeholder analysis is one of NEN’s core activities to arrive at supported agreements (standards). An analysis of stakeholders and their interests is also an important step to arrive at a good value proposition. NEN can therefore support you with knowledge and tools4
  • What other topics and steps are important? Consider, for example, the protection of intellectual property.
    • NEN can provide you with tailor-made support in your trade-off between protection of intellectual property, standardization and confidentiality, and works closely with RVO5
    • NEN has a large network of partners and other parties and can refer you in a very targeted manner and put you in touch with the right party6

Do you want to participate in a workshop or organize a workshop?

In addition, NEN regularly organizes workshops for innovative companies / concept holders where more is told about how NEN can help you to boost your innovative concept with the help of standardization. These workshops often have a central theme and / or are organized in collaboration with one of our partners, with an incubator, a knowledge or educational institution, a demo center or with a (regional) intermediary organization. During the workshops there is ample time and opportunity to deal with specific questions from participants7.

Indication of the time spent and costs

  1. The average time spent by NEN is 4 hours
  2. The average time spent by NEN is 8 hours
  3. The average time spent by NEN is 16 hours
  4. NEN has several tools available. Please contact NEN for more information.
  5. The time spent by NEN depends on the results of the analysis of standardization and protection options
  6. No further costs are associated with a referral or matchmaking by NEN
  7. The costs of participation depend on the costs of the organization and the number of participants


Send us a question and we will answer you as soon as possible.