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NEN Spec

NEN Spec

In order to respond as effectively as possible to the need among innovative concept owners for a rapid realization of agreements with relevant stakeholders, NEN has developed a fast-track procedure in addition to the more traditional forms of standards and private agreements.

The fast track standard product is called NEN Spec and can be used to arrive at supported and practically applicable agreements with relevant stakeholders within a few weeks.

With the help of a NEN Spec, your access to the market can be facilitated as it can be developed with other relevant market parties and stakeholders. For example, with the NEN Spec you can ensure that your solution quickly becomes the standard. As a generally accepted document, the NEN Specs is also an effective marketing instrument.

Benefits of the NEN Spec

Fast: a NEN Spec is developed and published within a few months or even weeks.

Flexible: you determine the planning and choose the partners you want to work with.

Accepted: benefit from the trust that is placed in NEN worldwide.

Visibility: you are explicitly mentioned as the author of your NEN Spec.

Uncomplicated / Straightforward: thanks to the streamlined process for developing the NEN Spec, you can concentrate on substantive matters.

International: NEN helps to make your solution available worldwide.

Consistent: NEN Spec is in accordance with and ideally not in conflict with existing standards. The latter makes it easier to establish them as a formal standard later if desired.

Anyone can start and / or participate in the development of a NEN Spec, including companies, organizations, research institutes and individuals.

Added value of NEN

The development process of NEN Spec is fast and simple. As soon as the NEN Spec is published, the market acceptance of your solution can get a boost.

By entrusting a small Task Force with the rapid delivery of a 80% version, by making use of new forms of online collaboration and by compressing process steps as much as possible, these types of agreements are drawn up in a short time, but unambiguously and with maintaining quality and reliability.

NEN helps you throughout the process by:

  • advising you on the standardization options (if desired in connection with patenting and confidentiality) for your concept
  • assisting you in preparing and at the start of the NEN Spec project
  • assisting in the search for existing standards and specifications
  • helping you to find partners for your project
  • organizing and moderating your workshops
  • providing the infrastructure you need (meeting rooms, web conferences, document management system, etc.)
  • providing a recognized standard product with a professional editorial team
  • publishing your NEN Spec
  • promoting the results of your work

Market access

Because they are the result of a standardization process, the NEN Spec is also a strategic tool to market and distribute your solution.

Your competitive advantage in the market

The NEN Spec is developed through an accelerated process and is widely accepted thanks to the wide recognition of the NEN brand.

Open – transparent – professional

Anyone can initiate a NEN Spec project, being it a company, organization, research institute or private individual. The NEN Spec is developed together with your partners in a small task force. NEN supports you with professional project management, an extensive infrastructure and by publishing and disseminating your results.

Room for growth

NEN is part of numerous worldwide networks and can also support the worldwide distribution of the NEN Spec.

Alignment of procedures NEN Spec and patent application

The NEN Spec procedure can aligned with the patent application procedure if relevant. This will save you valuable time! Read more about this alignment here.

A business plan must be drawn up before submitting the request to arrive at a NEN Spec and for approval. Ask NEN for the template that should be used for this.

Interested? Pose a question or request a review and who knows, you may get started with your chosen partners within a short time.