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From innovative concept to the market with the help of standardisation

NEN supports the holders of innovative concepts (including new technologies) for boosting their concepts with the help of standardization.

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NENnovation funnel

Step by step

Get going!

Phase 1: Orientation

In this early stage, already think about which standards are relevant and go look for them.

Phase 2: Development

Take existing standards and rules into account in this phase. Prevent bottlenecks in a later phase!

Phase 3: Booster

The innovative concept can be boosted on the basis of a good analysis and standardization approach

Phase 4: Market launch

When determining the strategy, take into account the various standardization options (possibly in combination with IP protection)

Phase 5: Growth

Internationalization and scaling-up may go hand in hand with standardization. Keep that in mind and take advantage!

Phase 6: Impact

Standards create impact: for your company, for your customers and for society. Visualize or quantify the impact!


See what standards and standardization can mean for the holder of an innovative concept.

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Case: Reefy - resilient coastal protection solution

Winner of the NENnovation Students Award 2020

Eco-Runner X

Case: citycar on hydrogen

3rd prize winner NENnovation Students Award 2020


Case: energy sheet piles

Winner NENnovation Award 2020

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