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Give your innovative concept a boost!

Your innovative concept can get a significant boost towards the market by determining a smart approach in which the benefits of standardization and – if relevant – protection of IP are exploited and your business proposition is strengthened. It is important to carefully consider how these aspects relate to each other and how they can reinforce each other.

Possible options

Possible options for boosting your concept are:

• adapting / sharpening existing standards. For example, by adding a method for determining the performance of your concept. Or by increasing the minimum performance requirements made possible by an innovative feature of your concept.

the development of a new NEN Spec or another fast track standard. This is the case when the innovative aspects of your concept are so new that these aspects are not covered by existing standards. In that case you can set a new standard yourself.

NEN can help you – together with our partners – in making a proper assessment of how these aspects relate to each other and how they could even reinforce each other.

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