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Home Growth

Your concept has been successfully introduced to the market. It is interesting to determine which innovative aspects of your innovation are decisive and how standards, standardization and protection of the IP have contributed to this.

Also boost your international growth

Standards and standardization can stimulate the market acceptance of an innovative concept and subsequently also give a further boost to further scaling-up and internationalization.
After all, scaling up and internationalization go hand in hand with standardization.

By converting Dutch standards into a European or international standard product or by participating in an international standards committee, your innovation will be given a further boost. NEN has access to international standardization networks and the resources and contacts to support these processes.

The size of your organisation also increases

With the success of your innovation, the size of your organization also increases. This places demands on management and increases the need for management systems.

Numerous standards are active regarding management systems which are often referred to in tenders or contracts.

Make sure you are aware and have the appropriate certification if necessary.