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Market launch

Home Market launch

In this phase you work towards the market introduction. The product or service is technically as good as ready. Preparations have been made, the business plan is being finalized, investors have been or are still being recruited.

Comply with the applicable rules and standards!

It is of course important that your company and innovation comply with the applicable rules, requirements and standards. Certification is often proof of this which provides trust in your product or service among your customers and other stakeholders.

Get started with standardization!

Standards and standardization may increase support for innovative concepts and boost market acceptance. Determine a good standardization approach in consultation with NEN. An amended or new standard ensures transparency and clarity for market parties and provides confidence / buy-in which is very useful for an innovation. Defining stricter requirements in a standard based on the performance of your innovation may even lead to leading position in the market. This also applies to a new NEN Spec which you may be able to draw up for your concept.

Consider standardization and protection of IP when determining your strategy

The strategy definition is of course the responsibility of the entrepreneur, but it is important to take the possible standardization options in the strategy development into account, possibly in combination with protection of intellectual property.