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Objectives of the web tool

Home Objectives of the web tool

Developing an innovative concept into a promising product and to commercialize it successfully is far from easy. You will encounter many challenges and questions.

One of the challenges is, for example, whether and how you can protect the intellectual property of your innovative concept. Another question is which rules and standards you have to comply with and how standardization may give your concept a boost towards the market.

With this web tool, NEN supports holders of innovative concepts (including new technologies) in boosting their concepts using standardization. Taking the phase of the innovation funnel in which your innovative concept finds itself into account.

We help you:

  • orientating: what is standardization? what are standards? what can you do with them? what does NEN do?
  • searching for and analyzing relevant standards and regulations
  • stimulating the market acceptance of your innovative concept (starting-up)
  • enhancing growth (scaling-up)
  • creating more impact