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To successfully introduce an innovation, obtaining market acceptance is essential. This occurs when the customer has confidence that the product / service complies with all rules and standards, is performing as promised and fulfills customer’s needs. Unique properties compared to existing alternatives may be an additional incentive for a customer to purchase the innovative product or service.

The success of the innovation can be greatly increased if you think in an early stage about the way in which standards play or can play a role.

It is important to think carefully about aspects of normalization in this orientation phase:

  • what rules, standards and requirements do I have to deal with in the further development and commercialization of my innovative concept?
  • how can I comply with these?
  • what is the state-of-the-art knowledge?

By thinking about these aspects now and taking them into account in the design, you will avoid bottlenecks in a later phase of the innovation funnel.

Relationship with protection of intellectual property

The protection of intellectual property (IP) is also important and is often thought about in an early stage. But also think about the relevant rules, standards and requirements. Look at the relationship between standardization, protection of IP and confidentiality. And how these aspects may reinforce each other.

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