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Standards create impact: for your company, for your customers and for society. Visualize or quantify the impact!

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The social impact of innovative concepts and standards is large

Standards often contribute to a world that becomes safer, healthier, more cost-efficient, more sustainable, and this also applies when disruptive, innovative concepts are laid down in existing or new standards. 

Knowledge dissemination creates additional impact

Standards are an important channel for sharing and broadly applying the state-of-the-art knowledge defined in standards. Standards and standardization further contribute to the building, exchange and dissemination of knowledge and to the realization, expansion and use of national and international networks. In this way they also facilitate the creation of extra impact!

Standardization contributes to economic growth and business performance

The macro-economic impact of standards has been quantified in several studies: standardization makes an important contribution to economic growth. In addition, the application of standards may also generate direct business economic impact.